CBD Strawberry Smoothie!

CBD Strawberry Smoothie

Are you looking for a healthy, delicious and alternative way to dose your Cannabis Oils Online CBD? We all practice a health lifestyle here and one of our office favourites is a CBD Strawberry Smoothie! 

There is a few things to consider when choosing a CBD company to buy from. Here's why we believe we have the best products in the UK! All of our products are lab tested, with proof from our in house lab. This provides consistency to our products and gives comfort & safety to our loyal customers. All of our plant products are 100% organically grown, no corners have been cut, to ensure maximum satisfaction.  

CBD Strawberry Smoothie Recipe:


  • One whole Banana
  • Four whole Strawberries
  • One cup of Almond milk
  • One tbsp. of Hemp seeds
  • One tsp. of Honey
  • One mL of our CBD Oil Drops


  • Blend until you reach desired consistency
  • Garnish with topping of choice
  • Enjoy!