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CBD Capsules

CBD capsules pose the quickest means of enjoying CBD Oil, which is in its purest form. In order to get the best benefits from it, take one or two capsule every six hours. Many people prefer to take capsule over drops because they are easy to deal with. A single strip has about 30 capsules, each of which has Cannabinoids, Terpenoids, essential oils and other elements of the Cannabis plants.

Ingredients in each CBD Capsule

  • CBD 10mg
  • Cannabis Sativa L – 500 mg


In each capsule the active ingredient is CBD (Cannabidiol). This is a cannabinoid element that is present in the hemp plant. Each packet has 30 capsules.

Recommended Usage

Take one or two capsules orally every six hours.

We recommend taking the capsules orally every six hours, this can be 1 or 2 CBD capsules. 30 included in one packet.