Medipen® Starter Kit - Cannabis Oil Vape

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The Medipen® Starter Kit is a sleek, discreet cannabinoid vaporizer that comes with an integrated cartridge, battery and USB charger. The cartridges contain Pharmaceutical grade coconut oil (adapted for inhalation) and comes in a choice of 4 flavours; Peppermint, Strawberry, Natural and Spearmint.

The MediPen® Cannabinoid Vaporizer is a sleek and stylish vaporizer which utilises three cannabinoid extracts to produce the most concentrated multi-cannabinoid product on the market. 

Using Carmagnola and Santhica strains grown organically for a bespoke target demographic, the MediPen® formula contains 150mg of natural cannabinoids per just 1ml of formula. The MediPen® Starter Kit contains everything you’d need to get started: a button-less battery vaporizer, USB Charger and refill cartridge, encapsulated within a stylish metal carry case.


The MediPen® cartridges contain 100mg of CBD, 50mg CBG and 1-5mg CBDV. The cartridge also contains vegetable glycerin derived from Pharmaceutical Grade coconut oil and a small amount of PEG 400 to prime the filtration equipment.